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How does Our Concierge Service Work?

By using any of our order form or a placing a phone call to our front desk alerts us to your need to have a service performed such as a pickup or delivery of any item, courier service, buying a meal from a favourite restaurant, arranging any item for delivery or pickup.

After a confirmation, one of our dispatch riders will go purchase your requested item, errand or meal if required and bring to your doorstep while only pay cash on delivery.

For translation & document legalisation service Lagos and Abuja you will have to contact us via the contact us form, and we will get back to you as soon as poosible.

For vacation packages and hotel reservation you will also have to contact us via the contact us form, and we will get back to you as soon as poosible.

If the service is labour intensive such as cleaning your home, grounds maintenance, packing/unpacking, Haulage (moving, packing, unpacking and relocating Lagos and Abuja) or getting a maintenance man to your home office/office e.g. (plumber, carpenter, air conditioner repair guy, DSTV installer, electrician) an estimate for charges will be submitted to you for your agreement prior to the service being performed. For some services we will interview and recommend a business to provide the service for you. If you prefer we can coordinate and monitor the provider to insure compliance with your requirements. Our fees will be based on the degree of involvement we are required to provide.

For more frequently asked questions please visit our FAQ page.


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