What is a Concierge?

A concierge, pronounced “cawn-see-airzsh” is one of the oldest professions dating back over 800 years. The term originated from the French Comte Des Cierges, meaning “the keeper of the candles.” A concierge centred on tending to the needs of nobility who were visiting the castles and palaces in Europe.

Today, one does not have to be nobility to enjoy ‘tending to”. Our services contribute to improving our client's personal and professional lives by shifting their time focus to the things they prefer to do rather than the things they have to do.

What can ErrandBoy Concierge® provide?

ErrandBoy Concierge provides an affordable and effective solution to securing reliable specialty services such as a virtual assistant to help you manage everyday needs, we run errands, Pick up and deliver small or large packages across Lagos and Abujawhen and how you want it. Buying a meal from your favourite site? We can pick up from the seller and deliver to the buyer. Hotel reservations, airline flight ticket booking, and vacation planning. Our extensive and courteous staff can fulfil just about any request imaginable.

Where can I pick up stuff from?

Basically, anywhere within Lagos and Abuja for now. ErrandBoy Concierge will collect from and deliver to any address - residential and commercial. We just ask that you clearly specify any helpful instructions when making the booking. This will significantly reduce potential complications at the collection/delivery address which could lead to additional charges.

Can I send a package outside Abuja?

Yes we can pick up your package in Lagos and Abuja from any address - residential and commercial and Send out nationwide and internationally. Rates, Terms and Condition Apply

Can I ask Errandboy to go buy me Lunch?

Yes, we can buy your meal from any restaurant Lagos and Abuja and you can pay when we deliver

Can you pick up package from airport and bus park stations?

Yes we can pick up your package from the Airport in Lagos and Abuja, and various bus park stations too.

Who are some of your clients?

We do a variety of work for busy individuals/professionals, foreign embassies and consulates high commissions, small/medium businesses, employee groups, non-profit organizations, service clubs, apartment residents, construction offices, corporations and visitors to the Lagos and Abuja.

What are your office hours?

We operate Monday through Saturdays from 8:30am - 10pm. We have limited hours on Sundays 1pm- 5pm: After hour (on request)

How quickly will you respond to my request?

We will reply to your requests in minutes not exceeding 24 hours.

What areas do you handle?

We have Concierges and Personal Assistants in all of Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria. On request - Calabar and Port Harcourt.

You May be required to pay more if...

Your courier is required to wait more than 10 minutes at either the point of collection or point of delivery without prior instruction.

Your courier is required to collect from or deliver to a different address

Your courier is required to do additional duties above and beyond delivery to the door of the delivery address.

What forms of payment do you provide?

We accept most forms of payment including Cash on Delivery POS via Visa, MasterCard, payments.

What is your Privacy Policy?

All personal and credit card information collected will remain strictly confidential. We never sell or share any information about our clients. We are discreet and confidential about our dealings with our clients.

Is my personal information safe?

ErrandBoy Concierge Concierge understands that your home, credit cards and personal information must be closely guarded information. Security and safety is our paramount concern. As a preferred client, your personal information is confidential and secure. All ErrandBoy Concierge staff are screened with background checks, drug testing and are bonded.

What do concierge services cost?

Most of our clients are surprised at how quickly we can get things done. We're efficient and effective, and price our services based on our experience in knowing who can best help you, and how much time we will need. Because we are experienced and have a reliable network of people in the Metroplex, our prices are surprisingly affordable and keep our clients coming back! We have service plans and packages for hourly, weekly and monthly regular services, as well as custom business plans, special projects/events or à la carte services. Program pricing and details are provided during the FREE CONSULTATION appointment. We can customize and design a plan especially for you.

What Can I expect?

As a respected client of "ErrandBoy" Concierge, you can expect the prompt attention, satisfaction and confidentiality for all requests and services. We pride ourselves on maintaining professional, efficient and responsible customer service for each client.

Do you provide all of the services yourself?

Priority Time executes most of the services themselves. However, as there are some services we are not experienced in and we want to provide you the best service possible, we have established relationships with local, reputable, top customer service providers such as handymen, landscapers, caterers, and others. All outside service providers are of the highest standard and have come highly recommended, are insured, bonded and have had recent criminal record checks.

Can you transport people?

Yes, we can transport people and would be happy to take you out and assist you with your errands or appointments.

What if I need a service that is not on your list?

Just ask. We are willing to assist you with almost anything. As long as it is not deemed dangerous, illegal or unethical, we are happy to accommodate you as best as we can.

Can I amend or cancel my delivery?

If you wish to amend or cancel your order, please call ErrandBoy Concierge Customer Service on 08111173668, 07000000111 as early as possible. Depending on the timing of the cancellation or the nature of the amendment some additional charges may be incurred.

How do I get in touch with ErrandBoy Concierge Customer Service?

You can call ErrandBoy Conceirge.it Customer Service on 08111173668, 07000000111

Where is your office?

8 Dakala Street, off parakou Crescent, Aminu Kano Crescent Wuse 2, Abuja.

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